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Sir Walter Buffalo

Santa Anna Couch


Turf varieties

Marne Valley Turf grow a large range of lawn varieties suited for all domestic and commercial applications.

We constantly trial new lawn varieties to suit our harsh and varied South Australian climatic conditions.

Varieties of lawn are grown to suit the following applications:

Shade - Sun- Hardwearing - Low maintenance - Drought tolerant

We grow and supply the following varieties:

Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn

Marne Valley Turf is a licensed grower of Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo, a drought and shade tolerant variety. Sir Walter is the best wearing, shade/full sun grass on the market, with over 35 million meters sold Australia wide. Sir Walter requires minimal irrigation and fertiliser to maintain colour, and can be mown shorter that other Buffalo varieties and unlike other creeping grasses Sir Walter Buffalo does not travel underground, making it easy to keep it out of the garden.

Santa Anna Couch

A very fine leafed couch noted for its attractive appearance, colour, retention in the South Australian climate. Santa Anna is considered a low maintenance grass, and hard wearing in nature. This grass can be cut extremely short and can be used as a home golf green.

Valley Green Kikuyu

Valley Green Kikuyu is a better option for Adelaide's climate than traditional Kikuyu. It is male sterile, darker in colour and will stay greener through winter. Kikuyu has a good drought tolerance and will rapidly self repair from wear. A low maintenance grass that will stay green with minimal irrigation and fertility.

Sir Walter Buffalo Santa Anna Couch
Barossa Valley
Fine Leaf Kikuyu
Veale Gardens, Adelaide


Marne Valley Turf supplies premium mulched topsoil available for pick up from our farm or delivered to you. Contact us to find out more.

When preparing your lawn surface, a 150mm depth of our prepared lawn soil is ideal for maximum moisture and nutrient retention for a beautiful lawn.