Marne Valley Turf Growers and suppliers of quality lawn

Lawn Varieties

Sir Walter Buffalo

Santa Anna Couch


Since 1990 Marne Valley Turf has been growing and supplying quality instant lawn to home owners, landscapers, councils, sports fields, golf courses and race tracks across South Australia.

Situated on the rich alluvial flats of the River Marne near Cambrai the turf is grown on deep sandy loam in ideal growing conditions.

Marne Valley Turf grows different varieties of drought tolerant, hard wearing instant roll out lawn. Varieties include Sir Walter Buffalo, Santa Anna couch and Kikuyu to instantly transform your garden. Marne Valley Turf can also supply premium mulched topsoil, recommended for beautiful lawn.

Our lawn is delivered fresh from the farm to you.

Harvesting Valley Green Kikuyu
at Marne Valley Turf
Kikuyu in Victoria Square, Adelaide
supplied by Marne Valley Turf

Brouwer 4000 23R fully automated turf harvester